Sunday Evening 30th June 2019 6.30pm

Sunday Evening 30th June 2019 6.30pm

Series: Encouragement for our journey of faith

How to overcome obstacles

Joshua 6

Speaker: Clive Bennett

This evening our message is entitled, “How to Overcome Obstacles” – There are many times, as individuals or a church, when our desire to move forward into blessing is thwarted by circumstances. We know what we want to be. We know where we want to go but the obstacles we are facing just seem so overwhelming and discouraging that we seem to always be floundering around in weakness and defeat. Our study this evening is that well known story of the fall of Jericho – the first obstacle that Joshua and the children of Israel have encountered since crossing the Jordan which stands in the way of entering into all the Promised land has in store. We will consider together what lessons we can learn from this event which can help us overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of successful conquest in our lives?”

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