Mandate II: Loving each other

John 13:31-35

Speaker: Simon Downing

As we continue into this new decade, the leadership team and I have been praying for the Lord to give us His direction for the church. In particular, how can we turn our vision to love God, love each other and to love the lost into meaningful, Christ-like action. Last week we looked at the first pillar of our vision – Loving God. In today’s talk, we will be looking at the second pillar – Loving each other. In today’s reading the Apostle John, tells us that as Jesus steadfastly continued towards the cross, He stressed the importance of loving each other. Without Jesus to guide them, the disciples would feel lost but if they loved each other in the way that Jesus loved them, Jesus emphasised that they would continue to grow more like Him. Jesus added that this love should be so tangible and visible that others would see that it came from a supernatural source and want to know more.

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