Sunday Evening 15th December 2019

Sunday Evening 15th December 2019

The third Sunday series – Prayer and Presence

Hannah’s song

1 Samuel 2:1-10

Speaker: Derek Robinson

For a long time, Hannah had a pretty miserable life. Childless, lacking in self-worth, sharing her husband with a woman who ridiculed her. Hannah was so discouraged that she was physically sick and unable to eat and yet was still prepared to worship the Lord. Finally, after pouring her heart out to the Lord at Shiloh and promising to give up her first born to continually serve the Lord, she receives a ray of hope from Eli the priest and the gloom is lifted. Hannah will have a son and yet she will have to give him back to the Lord to keep her promise. How will she react to even more heartache? In today’s reading we hear her heart felt response to the Lord.

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