Sunday Evening July 14th 6.30pm

Sunday Evening July 14th 6.30pm

Series: Encouragement for our journey of faith

What happens when we fail?

Joshua 7

Speaker: Simon Downing

This evening we return to series based on the Book of Joshua. Up to this point in our series, Joshua and the people of Israel had experienced only victory. Chapter 7 is the story of defeat. Thirty-six men were dead, and the army was frightened. No doubt, Joshua was confused and puzzled. Certainly he expected an unbroken string of victories, a winning season, as it were. Of course, that was God’s desire, too – for Israel then and for us today. God provides every avenue to make victory possible. At the same time, though, He does not make defeat impossible. We make choices that can lead to victory or failure. Too often we choose to go our own way, and sin is the result. But remember, a failing in life does not make life a failure. When we experience failure, it does not have to be a lasting defeat.

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