Sunday Morning 16th February 2020

Sunday Morning 16th February 2020

Rediscovering the awe of God Part 2

Revelation 4

Speaker: Simon Downing

Today Simon will be bringing us the second message on this short series, entitled, “Rediscovering the awe of God Part 2.” In today’s reading from Revelation Chapter 4, we are given a glimpse in Christ’s glory. We are taken through john’s vision into the very throne of heaven. God is on the throne and is orchestrating all of the events that John will record. Contrary to what you may sometimes feel, the world is not spinning out of control: The God of creation will carry out his plans as Christ initiates the final battle with the forces of evil. John shows us heaven before showing us earth so that we can focus on God’s greatness. As we read John’s words, we are compelled to bow down in awe of Him. He gives us the strength to stay strong and not be frightened of future events.

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