Sunday Evening 12th January 2020

Sunday Evening 12th January 2020

The second Sunday series – Inspirational words

Everything will be new

Revelation 21:1-5

Speaker: Clive Bennett

This Sunday evening is our monthly slot for an Inspirational Word from the Scriptures and since we are still at the beginning of a New Year the topic we are considering is “Everything will be new”. It is true that no matter what resolutions we make for the coming year we will probably end up getting what we have always got by doing what we have always done. It is God’s intention that, one day, things will not just be better and improved but totally, totally, new. So, this evening we will worship together and explore just what is planned for us in the future and lift our eyes to the one who promises: “I am making everything new”. There’s no greater inspiration or anticipation than that is there? Clive.

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